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Cognitive map of the imitation modeling and neural network analysis results

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Step 1 out of 4

1.Choose a group of countries

By the indicator of the level of socio-economic development and integration

By geographic indicator

*Countries are classified according to geographical criteria in accordance with the vision of economic geography proposed by Numbeo. Countries whose economic and geographical position is not officially defined and controversial are classified as “other countries”.

By the criterion of sustainable development and fighting climate change

2. Select countries from the list (at least 5).

3. Select indicators

Select one indicator from the first group

Select at least one indicator from the following two groups
(you can select all seven)

The countries you have selected

4. Report on selected countries and indicators



y - Sustainable Development and Climate Change

y1 - The Energy Trilemma Index

y2 - Industrial economic profile

y3 - Total natural resources rents

y4 - Pollution index

y5 - Climate index

g - State regulation of corporate social and environmental responsibility

g1 - Energy efficiency regulation

g2 - Renewable energy regulation

g3 - Environment-related treaties in force

m - Market management of corporate social and environmental responsibility

m1 - Buyer sophistication

m2 - Extent of market dominance

m3 - Trade openness

m4 - Entrepreneurial culture

Cognitive map

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DataSet “Corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, and fighting climate change: imitation modeling and neural network analysis in regions of the world – 2020”. https://www.archilab.online/en/data/corporate-social-responsibility